Friday, December 9, 2011

I Love Shoes!

Well.. I wanted to name the post's title as "women loves shoes"... but then I thought... All women are different... It'll be an injustice to our gender to say that... ;-)

Although, I am still very sure... Majority of Women loves Shoes.. I really dunno what is behind this particular attraction.. Not just shoes women are mostly inclined towards handbags, perfumes, black/pink clothes.. Till date.. I never came across anyone (men & women) saying that they hate black dresses/outfits except my dad... Though His reasons are different for not liking black..

Anyways.. Coming back to Women... Yea.. they love beautiful things... glitters... jewellery, accessories, good looking technologies (many women compromise on technological features and details)... You'll rarely find any girl carrying ugly looking or very big mobile phone or any other gadget.. Women are more interested in reliability than anything else... They love to look good and can spend endlessly on this.... They love gossips... Well... I can write a book on this... Wait! I can write a book on men too.... :P

For now.. I'll better stick to what I was writing... i.e., My love for shoes... :P

I personally feel here is something attached to everything related to my feet... whether it is shoes... feet care... Nail paint... foot accessories.. foot massage or anything... It makes me feels so happy when I do anything for my feet... :-)

And among everything related to feet... I love shoes the most... Reason are many.. I don't need to spend much time on choosing them... Its a real feel good factor to possess a great pair of red heels.. black pumps... comfortable running shoes.. Golden & Silver flats... Beige ballet shoes (I love calling them "Madeline shoes", Inspired from a cartoon character named Madeline who used to wear such shoes), brown boots... it feels like I have so much comfort :D

Good and complementing shoes can change the entire look of a person... It makes one feel better... More confident... Specially high heels... Shoes color and type can define a person's inner personality as well... So, if you are aware of this you can know a few things about a person without even having a word with him/her just with a glance at the shoes..

My love for shoes compelled me to further research on this topic and I came across some interesting findings. I would love to share a few lines from some interesting ones-

Women and Shoes: A Love Story-

There's some serious mood-boosting going on when you try on any kind of apparel. "The neurotransmitter dopamine is released, providing a feel-good high, similar to taking a drug," says Martin Lindstrom, a branding expert for Fortune 100 companies and author of Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy. "The dopamine increases until you swipe your debit card." Usually, the high then flatlines, and guilt starts creeping in...except, that is, when the item you're purchasing is a pair of shoes. "Shoppers rationalize shoes as a practical buy — something they can wear multiple times a week — so they hold on to that pleasurable feeling longer," says Lindstrom.

My Review- Interesting Research

You can read the full article on Cosmopolitan

Top Reasons Women Loves Shoes-

Shoes work real magic “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” ― Marilyn Monroe. I feel like I'm on top'a the world in my shoes:) I can be wearing anything at could be the most boring, dull outfit...but as soon as I put on the right pair of shoes, I become Cinderella. Like magic :) There isn't one pair of heels in my closet that don't work that magic. I always said shoes were the most important part of the outfit :) And yes, shoes and clothes for women have so, so, so much more variety than the mens stuff. Colours, shapes, sizes, fabrics/materials, clasps, buckles, straps, jewels...there's no stopping the creativity with shoes.

My Review- Brilliant Article

You can read the full article on

Why do women love shoes?
- the shoes are great accessories
- even if you gain weight, you are the same size
- when having the need to treat themselves, women buy shoes and they are happy
- wearing the right pair of shoes increases the self esteem
- the shoes with high heels makes her feel like having longer lags
- the shoes are the expression of their identity as great women

My Review- I pasted the best part above!

You can read the full article on Shiny Grey

Well, the search on Google suggested number of results as always... So I shared the ones I liked... :-)
Hope you'll find them interesting... And you can share if you come across anything interesting on the topic... I would love to read that.. :-)


Prasanth said...

Interesting... :-) Dint know much about shoes...

Saif said...

one specific sentence in the post reminds me of something ;) :D

Deepika said...

@ Prasanth- thx

@ Saif- I know which sentence u r talking about :P

Saif said...

if you the sentence that i'm talking about then you also might be knowing what does it remind me of :D

Deepika said...


Yes, I know :P

Saif said...

haha ... nice to know that you still remember all that stuff ;) :D :)

Arpit Rastogi said...

Hi.. Stumbled here from Harshita's blog..

& just by looking at your blogger pic.. mujhe laga ki you are a photographer..
& then i found out that you are actually a photographer!!! :)

Loved your 'life is bliss' Post!
It was good! :)

Happy Blogging. Happy Clicking! :) :)

BTW, abi photography on hai ya off?

Arpit Rastogi said...

Good to know that you are still on with photography!

I checked your FB page or vahan pe 1 year ago updated Wildlife wali album hi dikhi thats y i asked!
If there is more than that then i should connect to you through FB.. if its cool with you?

Me said...

Shoe-shopping is such a stress buster... :)

I love my shoes.. so I agree with all the points in the various excerpts you mentioned here.

Also, Arpit ;) thank me!

Arpit Rastogi said...

@ Me ::

I left a 'thank you note' on your recent post. :X

IceMaiden said...

Hey there!

Thanks for visiting my blog! And Hi5 fellow shoeoholic! :D :D I am NUTS about shoes, I think everyone who even remotely knows me, knows that about me! :P I have an entire Facebook album dedicated to my shoes :P hahaha!! Talk about being crazy! Really enjoyed this post!


Deepika said...

Thanks for liking Pearl..


Hey! great to connect with you after so long :-)

Hope you are doing good... Shoes shopping is indeed a stress buster... Different colors & styles... Really mood altering :)

@Ice Maiden
Hey thanks for dropping by...

And Hi5.. Same here... Good to know there are more crazy gals like me :)

Sh@s said...

Nice one. I never get my size so its a pain shopping for shoes :/

Deepika said...

Okay.. :P

But may be you just need to find a right brand... :)

Anonymous said...

Dont know where to post this comment.Read most of ur posts. I like the way you express ur self here. Keep posting.