Friday, January 11, 2013

My 2012: An Overview!

Summary of 2012- 

Turned 25... changed a few things, became more social, loved my workout routine, Enjoyed my work life, had a nice personal life.... Learnt new things.. Gained some assets... ... And my state of mind was pleasant...
In Short, a great year.... Loved it.

The Questionnaire-

1. Best Moment of the year- Many good things happened but the best was "Resigning from my previous job on 3rd Jan 2012"

2. Best Finding of the year- Miracles do happen!

3. Best Asset of the year- My Nikon D5100

4. Best Learning of the year- People you trust blindly can hurt you badly.

5. Best Decision taken in 2012- Joining my new company!

6. Top 5 movies of the year-
- Ishaqzaade
- Ferrari Ki Sawari
- Cocktail
- Vicky Donor
- OMG!

7. Top 5 songs of the year-
- Paani Da Rang from Vicky Donor
- Ye Kasoor from Jism 2
- Main Sharabi from Cocktail
- Heer from JTHJ
- Sang hun tere from Jannat 2

8. Saddest Moment of the year- Too personal to share!

9. One bad thing happened in 2012- Something terribly bad did happen, but as they say... without certain troubles there can't be a Disney movie.. And I am Disney princess! hehehe ;-)

10. Something you loved and lost in 2012- Can't recall, I guess nothing!

11. Your long awaited desire fulfilled in 2012- Yesss!!

12. Your Best Click of the year- For a photographer every click is special... but yes My favorite is added below-

13. Your Best new place visited in 2012- Bhangarh & Lansdowne! It'll be an injustice to mention just one.

14. A new and interesting food joint discovered in the year- Many Actually but I liked 'Panda Wok'

15. Best Dream you saw in 2012 (While sleeping)- Saw many... Can't recall one.

16. One new love/interest developed in the year- Shhh...

17. Best Family Moment of the year- Our Family Evening celebration on 12/12/12

18. Best office moment of the year- Well... Jaipur Event I guess!

19. One change in you from 2012- My Age

20. Any new habit adopted in 2012- Smoking, drinking and drug addiction- none of them...! Just increased my coffee intake..

21. A wish pending for 2013- Ah.. Mannnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...................

Anybody reading this post is free to copy and fill the questionnaire to post it on their blog… Cheers!


SOCH... said...

Lovely... I wish you have an amazing 2013 also...

Maya said...

Interesting to see you had a happening 2012. I hope you have an amazing 2013. I read your post about deception, so i wish you luck for coming days.