Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Don't just survive. Live!

Sometimes I wish I could take an year off from work and travel the world, do whatever I really want to do... Pursue my interests and enjoy my life to the fullest.. For I know I will not get this time again... 

I have so much in mind... So many destinations to travel, interests to pursue, games to play, things to learn... How come I grown up so fast... :-(

Many times I fail to understand why we work like we are not humans for something which is not our dream...

'I love my company so much, I wish I could work here forever' said no one ever but I have met people who said and wished they could travel for the rest of their lives... Or spend time with their kids and family more often..

One reason for being dissatisfied and unhappy in life is not doing what you aspire to do and pushing yourself into something which makes you feel miserable...

I have changed jobs. And believe me I failed to explain it to people why I made those choices... Even if I tell the truth people can't accept it... Above all I don't understand why I even need to explain... Isn't it my life & can't I make my own decisions! Does changing jobs makes me inferior or less competent? The answer is No!

Quite often my caliber and capabilities are judged on my stability.. But, I know myself better than anyone else.. If I want to do something no one can stop me or beat me at it, but, if I don't, no one can make me work for it. 

I feel if you are born as a human there is a purpose... If something is not good enough don't waste time or crib about it... There is a reason God chose not to make you a tree. At least be passionate about your own dreams!

If something is not right or apt no one will come and help.. but.. you. People can only give you suggestions but its you in the end. You know yourself the best and no one else can live this life for you.

We are are born alone and die alone then why we need to live somebody else's life?

I really feel the only people worth prioritizing in life are our parents...  Rest the life is ours. \m/

Changing jobs, leaving them or sticking to them, work, travel, hobbies, photography and so on... Do what really makes you happy..

This life won't last forever not this time will come back...

I don't wanna regret in my old age that I wasted my life working for something which was of no good for me..

Don't bother what people think, it's your life and they are not going to be with you forever. So, pursue your dreams and live them... 

Don't just survive through this life. LIVE IT! You won't get it again.

God, bless me with a life I want and give me courage to pursue my dreams. Take care of my people. Love you. :-)


Haddock said...

Very true.
We waste our life working for something which is of no good for us..

Deepika said...

@haddock- right.. :)
Thanks for dropping by