Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Date with Delhi!

Yesterday, I spent my day roaming around in Delhi, covering it from south to north and loved it. :)

This thought was in my mind from the day I came back from Mumbai... while sitting in my Mumbai to Delhi flight somewhere it clicked my mind its being a long time since I visited my Delhi with all my heart...

Though I am in sales and I roam around in Delhi all the time but visiting places specifically for the sake of travel is a different feel.

I gathered all the info online and came to know about “HoHo bus”, it’s a Delhi Darshan Bus which takes you around Delhi.

I boarded the bus in morning from Connaught place and started my journey.

There was a commentary running in the background about places we were passing through... I wondered how come I never noticed so many places... though, I cross them quite often.

It was an amazing feel to roam around without any official purpose.. I loved every moment of it.
I stopped at Lal Quila and decided to have my lunch at Chandni Chowk “the foodie’s paradise”.
Since, it was a Saturday... It was dead crowded but I somehow managed to eat whatever I wanted..
My last stop was CP, from where the journey started...

In evening, visited the church in CP and it was the best part of my day... sitting in calm peaceful church on a winter eve... Purely Blissful. :)

The Bus covered almost 20 places in Delhi and it was our choice to get down at whichever place we were interested in exploring.

I loved my day thoroughly... And now I am planning my next trip... Let’s see where I am gonna land this time.. 

I love you God, and it was a great conversation I had with you yesterday... Take care of my people... Muuuaah 


Saif Farooqi said...

Sounds good. Maybe I'll also take that bus someday :)

Anonymous said...

Nice.. Delhi...
Wished you could hav shared more about the food you tried..
Where all you got down... With your post even we could see delhi.. Like we do in your other posts...

Good u enjoyed the trip... Stay blessed!!!

Deepika said...

Hehe you should try :)

Deepika said...

There was so much to mention I skipped most of it :)
Thanks for dropping by. Stay blessed.