Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Palomino is a name of a book written by Danielle Steele.

Some stories just touch our heart and we can’t get over them.

Palomino is one such story. It happened to me during my graduation days.

One day, I was casually talking to my friend about books and she suggested me to read Palomino. I borrowed it from her and read it, loved every bit of it.

I read few more books after that but nothing touched me like this one, I sensed every emotion deeply within. I cried, smiled and lost myself in the scenes I visualised while reading it. I lived every word of it with all my heart.

For last 3 years, I was emotionally dead... I missed being the girl I used to be, stupid, dumb and emotional fool. I was searching for the old me again. In quest of finding myself, I was doing things I used to do earlier, I visited my college campus, met old friends, tried cooking again, listened to old songs and blah blah...

When nothing worked, I decided to read Palomino again.

It’s not easy living a life with no feelings when you know it's not you, plus in last 3 years I met people who were way too practical in their lives... which further reassured me that I am a fool who even miss being emotional. :P

I searched for Palomino online and luckily got it on Amazon.

Yayy, I finally had own copy of my long lost love.

I started reading it every night.... I again visualised every word but this time the picture was different than the last time... Yes, I remembered the story I lived years back and every scene exactly how I visualised at that point of time.

This time the rooms were different, the house, the ranch, mansion, the flowers decorated were different, the scenes were picturised more realistically in my imagination and the story looked much more real than last time, this time the emotions were deeper and different... Yes, I cried again, I smiled again and I felt it again but with more intensity. I was happy and my frequencies were different now. (Yea, I talk Radio language :P)

To briefly describe Palomino (since the topic is Palomino, I think I should :P), Palomino is a breed of a horse. It’s a love story with ups and downs, it’s not just about roses and romance, it’s about the thorns and the dark side as well. It’s about losing everything and getting over it, moving on to something which was forever... losing hopes and finding it back... Oh! It’s just amazing.

Palomino is strong story of a tough woman. I loved it again and connected with it at a different wavelength, stronger than before.

I think I should try to sleep now.

Dear God, you know I love you. Please take care of my people. Please help my Grandpa recover soon and please please be there with him. I promise I’ll be a good girl. Muuuaah :-)


Anonymous said...

With each year passing in life one grows up to another level of thinking.. what u might have liked 5 years back would sound funny to you today.. so wen u say that this time you connected to this book differently, its becoz with time u have changed in how you look at things..

Being emotional is not a bad thing.. being stuck at something is bad..

have read some of ur posts previously and even in this post also, you refer to a search for yourself... Inside never changes.. you r what u wer 3 years back... just action and approach has changed.. just don't get stuck at the thought that u r emotionally dead.. u r emotional which is why u love ur closed ones and always ask god to take care of them..

so be at peace.. you are you only..

your grandpa will recover.. your prayers will be heard.. in the end u are god's favourite.

Deepika said...

I just wish grandpa recovers from his condition.
Being stuck at a place is not a choice everytime... Sometimes, we are helpless.
Thank you for your wishes.