Friday, December 9, 2011

I Love Shoes!

Well.. I wanted to name the post's title as "women loves shoes"... but then I thought... All women are different... It'll be an injustice to our gender to say that... ;-)

Although, I am still very sure... Majority of Women loves Shoes.. I really dunno what is behind this particular attraction.. Not just shoes women are mostly inclined towards handbags, perfumes, black/pink clothes.. Till date.. I never came across anyone (men & women) saying that they hate black dresses/outfits except my dad... Though His reasons are different for not liking black..

Anyways.. Coming back to Women... Yea.. they love beautiful things... glitters... jewellery, accessories, good looking technologies (many women compromise on technological features and details)... You'll rarely find any girl carrying ugly looking or very big mobile phone or any other gadget.. Women are more interested in reliability than anything else... They love to look good and can spend endlessly on this.... They love gossips... Well... I can write a book on this... Wait! I can write a book on men too.... :P

For now.. I'll better stick to what I was writing... i.e., My love for shoes... :P

I personally feel here is something attached to everything related to my feet... whether it is shoes... feet care... Nail paint... foot accessories.. foot massage or anything... It makes me feels so happy when I do anything for my feet... :-)

And among everything related to feet... I love shoes the most... Reason are many.. I don't need to spend much time on choosing them... Its a real feel good factor to possess a great pair of red heels.. black pumps... comfortable running shoes.. Golden & Silver flats... Beige ballet shoes (I love calling them "Madeline shoes", Inspired from a cartoon character named Madeline who used to wear such shoes), brown boots... it feels like I have so much comfort :D

Good and complementing shoes can change the entire look of a person... It makes one feel better... More confident... Specially high heels... Shoes color and type can define a person's inner personality as well... So, if you are aware of this you can know a few things about a person without even having a word with him/her just with a glance at the shoes..

My love for shoes compelled me to further research on this topic and I came across some interesting findings. I would love to share a few lines from some interesting ones-

Women and Shoes: A Love Story-

There's some serious mood-boosting going on when you try on any kind of apparel. "The neurotransmitter dopamine is released, providing a feel-good high, similar to taking a drug," says Martin Lindstrom, a branding expert for Fortune 100 companies and author of Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy. "The dopamine increases until you swipe your debit card." Usually, the high then flatlines, and guilt starts creeping in...except, that is, when the item you're purchasing is a pair of shoes. "Shoppers rationalize shoes as a practical buy — something they can wear multiple times a week — so they hold on to that pleasurable feeling longer," says Lindstrom.

My Review- Interesting Research

You can read the full article on Cosmopolitan

Top Reasons Women Loves Shoes-

Shoes work real magic “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” ― Marilyn Monroe. I feel like I'm on top'a the world in my shoes:) I can be wearing anything at could be the most boring, dull outfit...but as soon as I put on the right pair of shoes, I become Cinderella. Like magic :) There isn't one pair of heels in my closet that don't work that magic. I always said shoes were the most important part of the outfit :) And yes, shoes and clothes for women have so, so, so much more variety than the mens stuff. Colours, shapes, sizes, fabrics/materials, clasps, buckles, straps, jewels...there's no stopping the creativity with shoes.

My Review- Brilliant Article

You can read the full article on

Why do women love shoes?
- the shoes are great accessories
- even if you gain weight, you are the same size
- when having the need to treat themselves, women buy shoes and they are happy
- wearing the right pair of shoes increases the self esteem
- the shoes with high heels makes her feel like having longer lags
- the shoes are the expression of their identity as great women

My Review- I pasted the best part above!

You can read the full article on Shiny Grey

Well, the search on Google suggested number of results as always... So I shared the ones I liked... :-)
Hope you'll find them interesting... And you can share if you come across anything interesting on the topic... I would love to read that.. :-)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Pearl :-)

On Your 3rd Birthday :-)

Wishing you a Very Very Happy Birthday Pearl.. Love You... :D

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Believe...! :-)

I believe in Love...
I believe in Luck...
I believe in Magic..!

For past one week I was on bed rest… And it gave me ample time to run my mind and wander my heart here and there (as these were the only things in condition to run & wander :P)… I was thinking on the various aspects of life…. Earlier when I used to write… It always used to be about my present… Good or not so good.. But was what it used to be… Now I guess.. Most of the time I write about my past… May be I miss it too much… It was too good or something….:P
Well… Yeah.. It was good… :D

Let’s come back to present… My present… Is not bad either… Its good too.. :P

Last year, November 2010, I met a person.. Old & experienced in his profession…. And by profession... He was a renowned astrologer…. My friend consulted him and recommended him to me… I rarely believe in things like future predictions & stuff…. But since, my friend was too impressed with his predictions I decided to go… After all we all like to know what our future holds… Its basic human nature…

I went and met him… He told me the coming one and a half year will be the worse year of my life… My health will ditch me…. People will ditch me… I’ll be stressed mentally….. Remain sleepless and tired…. I’ll look bad… And what not… I listened carefully… Came out and said “huh! What can be worse than today”…. (filmy style :P) And I got my answer… My health is ditching me…. So are people…. I am mentally stressed… I remain tired… I do look bad :P… The only thing different is... I am never sleepless not even in the day… and at night I feel like sleeping for years :P…. God somehow hear everything I say secretly and answers it :P Without a fail…

Ah.. Anyways.. Life is good... these are all small small parts of this life… I am now waiting for what he said will happen after these one & a half year... ha ha ha (My Devil Laugh) ;-)

But you know what…. Although… things are not so perfect and the way I want them to be… I am happy and positive about my future… I know this time will pass and problems will fade away… And I am optimistic because I have a wonderful family and nice friends who time and again reassure me that Nothing is forever… :-)

May be someone else needs my luck right now.. But I m sure.. I’ll get it back… Very soon…. And I know God you are listening to this as always…. I know you are the King….. So what! I am your Princess :P…. You know Magic that I know… And you’ll do it that also I know :P….. So… Prepare my luck well…. Till the time I’ll fight and adjust with what you have sent :P ….
And Pearl… I am glad to have you… I remember tomorrow is your 3rd Birthday…. :D… I am very excited….. Love you a lot :-)

And Love you too God… Thanks for another beautiful day and great people around… :D

Friday, November 18, 2011

Yes, I'll be back!

Life!!!... a word we often talk about.. Very dynamic.. Unexpected.... it brings different shades... Light & Dark.. Bright & Dull....whatever it might be... but one thing I always wanna carry on with is- blogging.... No matter which shade is dominating my present... I would always like to express myself in the best possible nearest to positivity shade...

Almost 3 years back, when I started blogging... I was overexcited about everything in life... full of positivity and high energy... A girl who always wanted to see happiness in every little thing & was optimistic about its every single happening... People read what she wrote and she read what people said... Sometimes it was about her thought process.. sometimes about life & learnings.. Sometimes it was just like jotting down points in a diary... Ah! it feels so good to think about the good past... :-)

I have gone through some serious situations and troubles in these 3 years... but life has something to teach always... I had some of the best moments as well... I fought with God quite often.. But never blamed him.... Pearl introduced me to some really nice people.... I had a very different life when I started writing Pearl and at present its different.... I wont say its better or less than what I had... as they say we always miss good things about past... bad things vanish... So even if it was tough time I remember only good things.. And I am kinda sure even though my present is not so perfect.... I know tomorrow when I'll think.. I'll certainly have something good to think about it....

I don't know.. In which direction I am writing.... May be its just a complicated state of my mind... And I wanna jot down whatever i have in my mind... without going into the details... Anyways... Let me think if something good happened lately... Umm.. ya... I watched Rockstar on its release date after waiting for its release for sooo long... Imtiaz's 3rd movie in a row which I watched on its release date..... Explored some new places.... Experienced something which was not good but important for my learning.... (I call such experiences as reality check)... When you are in mid of a bad dream its a bliss to be pinched by someone... I guess am waiting for that pinch :P

Overall, if I rate... Life is Good & I am positive... And I am sure I'll be back... Eagerly waiting for my Pearl's birthday... :-)

God, thanks for being there... I love you... :-)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Chosen One!

Well... This post it dedicated to my dear God... Usually, I mention him in the end of my every post... But here ...I am going to write a post to say a word of thanks to God...
Dear God, you have always given me answers for every question I asked from you or any wish you never fulfilled you justified your point... You have your own way of dealing with me.... And you understand me the Best!

Sometimes you were harsh while answering my doubts but you never ignored it... I love you for that.... You take care of me like a child and you know where to be tough and lenient.... And you use the best way to teach me!
This time again you were harsh... but I am glad that you answered.... I remember few months back I had a question.... I asked you-
“What it will be like to be in a Marketing job...?”
You never answered it at that time.... And then, you gave me a situation where I can experience what it is like in real.... And along with it you also shown me the relevance of work environment and importance of people you work with.... Now, I somehow understand what it is like... I always used to think it must be a perfect life to be in such profile and... A best thing to do ever!
I always miss my marketing professor Late Prof. S.K. Jaimini.... He was a great source of learning.... He inspired me to take up marketing as a life.... One of the best Marketing people I came across.... I still feel He was needed on this earth.... He always strived for perfection in everything he did and he lived marketing as a way of life... He used to see it in every damn thing around him.... I wish to have that kinda thought process!
In my previous posts I have mentioned... your 1st job is like your 1st love..... You rarely marry it.... you just explore... how it feels like to be in it... you are vulnerable and more in the learning mode rather than commitment mode (with marry I mean stick forever).... Now, when I am in second job I can say it’s like your 2nd love... You are experienced... you somehow know your preferences... you are bit practical and your intentions are mostly to get married but it’s not always destiny.... Of course, everybody is different!
I watched a story once with a title ‘The Chosen One’.... It was a story of a boy who was living a very ordinary life.... with an extraordinary power around him.... He used to be like every other person.... but God always gave him answers for everything he ever asked for.... He got what he ever wanted... He was The Chosen one! So am I!!
Yes, I am a blessed kid of God.... I know tough times come and go.... We face troubles.... but that’s how life is made... It’s again a blend of everything.... And God is with me to protect....
Did I tell you about Bora Bora?? Aah... No.. I guess! :P
I’ll come up with it soon.... It’s a travel destination and I really really wanna explore it! :D...
Now, I am going to read about Bora Bora and have to finish reading a book I started....
I am leaving it here.... :-)
Thank you God.... I love you! :D

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Some Kids never GROW Up!! :P

Well, the other day I was talking to somebody about something and he said ‘Some kids never grow up’... Although, the statement was made for somebody else... It somehow clicked me.... How apt it is for me too! :P

So, I wanna analyse myself to clarify why I can relate myself more with kids...

How I define kids-Kids are innocent, naughty, immature, quick learners, open to different things and experiences. They cry their heart out on everything they don’t like.... They instantly get attached to the people they like without knowing much about them.... And then they find it very difficult to let them go... Kids are not very receptive to things they don’t like or being told to do... And they love doing whatever they like whether it’s about watching cartoons, running around inside/outside the house, showing their toys to friends, or just playing football outside... They are strongly attached to their family...

Now,comes the comparison part...Yes, I am not so innocent but I am naughty, Learning.. yes, open to experiences -yes, live to the extremes- yes, find it impossible to control my emotions- yes, and I cry exactly like kids :P....., I get attached to people easily and find it almost impossible to detach myself... (Something I truly hate about myself), yup... I rebel... I love doing whatever I like at whatever time.... And of course how can I miss my love for cartoons... :P

I can again do something like SWOT.... But it won’t be the best thing to do... So, here I’ll recall the words of my last boss... He once said “we work for 3 things in life- Personal growth, Professional growth and Monetary growth...” So, I’ll evaluate my reactions/way of handling situations on these 3 points...

Starting with the personal aspect.... I am too small to be mature... I like something means I like something and I want it... If I don’t get it... I don’t fight... but I cry... then.... I try to forget.... but it’s not that easy... May be I lack rationality.... I am dumber than normal people in terms of handling my emotions... And I hate it.... These are the things generally expected from grownups.... So, here I am more like kids.... Yes, I am too simple and clear.

Professional aspect.... I find it difficult to separate my personal and professional love... I love my work I get involved in it.... And it hurts me with equal intensity like personal matters do... I attach myself emotionally to my work which in turn affects me in negative manner at times... I don’t wanna go into the details of it....

Money... My favourite topic to talk about.... in case of money matters I am like a spoilt kid who wants every candy in the supermarket and blessed with some decent amount of money.... Since, I earn, I spend a lot.... A lot like.... I just mentioned I want every candy in the supermarket for myself & my loved ones and I got the money.... but again, I am left with something or the other which is always added to my wish list to buy for which I wait for my next pay cheque ;-).... So, my savings part remains nil always... But I always enjoy myself... And get myself whatever I like.... that’s What I earn money for... ;-)

The best part of being a kid is.... You are close to God, nature, people, happiness and positivity.... You enjoy every little thing in life... Every happy moment and you love doing things for others with a self less heart.... Although, I am self centred at times.... but I crazily love people whom I attached to.... I m blessed with the best parents in the world, best brothers and some really good people around me.... And for that I always thank God!

God... I know for you I am always your little grown up kid.... Oh Sorry... Some kids never grow up.... :P

But anyways... this kid will always be thankful to you.... And love you... And need you by her side always.... Muaah :-)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Discipline and Me!!

Well... Most of us have heard about discipline in schools, colleges, institutions, life and offices.... But, I really... really wanna figure out what it exactly means...
Today, I had a discussion over it with somebody... I love to talk over anything though but I don’t appreciate it much when I am being told to commercialise my blog or something about how to take further my love for photography... And I actually don’t think I need to have discipline in my life when it comes to the things I really love to do..... I love doing things at odd hours... by skipping my meals or sacrificing my sleep... And that’s the fun in doing the stuff you love....

Sometimes, we just wanna enjoy certain things beyond the boundaries.... Hit the unknown... explore everything to the extent beyond one’s imagination... And there I feel... discipline binds us to stick to something inside the boundaries.... Can you imagine a bird with a discipline...?? No, I can’t... :P And let me clarify being systematic and being disciplined are two different things... Again, in my opinion....

Someone told me.... discipline is in doing things you love on a regular basis... Well, I need to know... Can we materialise love? Regularly is what.... I love playing cricket I play it.... I don’t feel I need to decide certain hours and can’t play beyond that... Or I love writing blog so I should write it like a monthly magazine whether... I feel like or not. It’s like forcing a poet to write poetry without a mood... Or to compel a painter to paint something.... Art is beautiful only when it’s made up of creativity and creativity comes only when you love doing it at your convenience..... It’s like forcing someone to fall in love with something because it’s supposed to be done :P

Discipline in that sense means you can’t play cricket for 10 hours in a day because you need to do other things too... but then what will be the fun in that? If a cricket lover can actually spare 10 hours once in a month or 2-3-4 times in a month to play what’s wrong in that?? And if he can’t take out time or don’t feel like doing is he/she being indisciplined? If this is being disciplined I am way happier being indisciplined. :P
I don’t criticise what different people think about discipline in life but in my opinion... It’s just being happy.... doing things systematically in your way without harming others, setting goals and achieving them... and taking care of your well being- spiritually, mentally and physically... Rest everything is allowed.. :P
I dunno whether I am disciplined or not as per others... In my opinion, I am... Except for my work out routine.... and food habits.... and sleep routine.... and meditation.... and meeting my friends... and few more things.... I am well organised.... ;-) but, then, I am human... I don’t wanna live like a machine... Yes, I need to do things I love but not for the sake of discipline but for my madness for it... :-)

God... Thanks for giving me this life and people around me.... I am really grateful to you.... Stand by my side..... I Love you... :-)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Amritsar and lots more! :D

I was craving to be here since I came back from Amritsar…. It was a brilliant trip for sure… From the beginning till the end… I loved it…

Let’s begin with my day… I am excited to share about today because after a very long time I got my Sunday free…. Can say almost after 1 year… that’s a real long time……. So many things happened in this 1 year which I wanted to write but had very less time…. I used to steal out my own time to take my feelings out on blog… And most of the time it used to be on the darker side…. But.. as they say nothing is forever… I am happy to be on the other side… :-)

I wanted to write but was not feeling inspired or motivated so I slept….. The weather today is amazing…. I guess that’s the one reason I was dying to write…. Honestly, sometimes I feel like a frog who loves to jump when it rains :-)) or like a Disney movie character who loves to sing a song whenever something good happens… The other day I was driving to my office and was singing at full volume… Of course.. no one can listen to you when windows are closed and vice versa and I was so lost that I was about to bang my car.. :P

Coming back to Amritsar it was an awesome trip…. Beginning from the journey… to the stay… photography…. Food… yummyyy…. Everything was just rocking… Moreover, we planned a surprise birthday party for my boss… It went great too…. I just loved it… :D

The only thing I didn’t like was the Wagah border…. It was simply boring… And the best part was after a fun day I watched ‘Hercules’ on Disney Channel at night.... Lucky me :-) it was a short trip though.. I bought lotsa stuff for mom from there and she loved it :D….

Running short of words… May be because I wanna write so much… :P…. I’ll write and post…. For now I am leaving it here with the pictures I clicked..… :-)

Thank you God… Love you… Muaah :D

Fishes @ Golden Temple

Pigeons @ Golden Temple

Me and Sharmi

Golden Temple

Golden Temple

Kid at Wagah Border :-)

Wagah Border

Abhishek Sir's Birthday cake

Wagah Border

Wagah Border

A Painting :-)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life is Blissful.... :-)

It’s been a real long time.. since.. I have shared something here on my blog… In between… I have shifted my house… Missed few things from past… planned something for my future and started settling down in my new job :-)

I am happy because I am giving time to photography… even if it’s major part is only in my plans so far…. I try to click as much as possible and exploring my camera by trying different modes…

Photography will make me a philosopher…. A poet… An addict…. A lover and what not :P Whenever… I hold my camera I feel like I am worshipping…. It’s like an addiction…. more you start involving in it more you crave for better and different pictures…. I dunno how many of you can relate with it but it makes me feel blessed….

Whenever, I enter my home after clicking pictures first thing I do is to transfer those photos to my lappy and analyze what I have done…… what I could have done and what can be done next…. Pheww!! :-))

I big time miss driving my car…. My last job used to give me ample opportunities to drive almost whole day long…. Exploiting environment and burning my hard earned money on petrol… but here I drive home-office-home… So, I drive hardly for 1 hour a day…. But whenever I drive it cheers me up big time…. :-))) All I need is some exceptionally good music and of course... AC in summers and heater in winters and open windows in good weather… that’s not much I know…. :-))

Well… I know… It’s not a new thing but I am deeply in love with Delhi….. I am totally crazy about this city…. No matter whatever people may say…. It’s one brilliant place to live… I wanna spend all my life here…. Though… of course.... I love travelling and would love to travel the whole world.….

Next to next weekend... I am going to Amritsar from office… It’s a fun trip with office people…. Well… I am looking forward to it… And my camera is eagerly waiting to click the beautiful city of Golden temple….

I’ll be here again pretty soon… I’ll certainly share my Amritsar pics…. And experience… Although, I’ll try to be here before my Amritsar trip as well…. :-)

And God…. Thank you so much for everything… Please be there on my side and take care of my loved ones… I love you.... :-) :-)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An interesting day at Work!

I have joined my new organization from 1st of this March and since then whenever I used to ask for work from my boss I used to get a reply like ‘you’ll be busy in few days… ‘ ‘Enjoy your time…’ ‘ its just your 1st week in the new office’ and blah blah…. And trust me it’s really tiring to do nothing!

We say these two words ‘nothing much’ quite often on asking ‘what’s new?’ or vice versa….

I have felt the deep meaning of these two words in these few days…. :P :P The most difficult thing for any workaholic is to sit without work in an office full of people engaged in their own work…. I really don’t mind going out and shopping some stuff or hanging out with friends or doing any other work but sitting idle in a busy office is bad bad bad!

Finally… today…. I started with my work… And trust me it was really a great start… :-) :-)

Starting with a short briefing of my job role... It’s a sales job again but it’s about selling a concept to the people sitting at the top level of good and relevant companies and good here means actually good… Nothing like running around on the roads like usual sales jobs… But.. since, I am very new in the system m not allowed to work on the recently ongoing project… And moreover… they want me to see and learn by interacting and studying what other people are doing before starting with something big….

So.. to begin with my work they gave me a task of handling the sales of a Russian group we recently signed a contract with…. And from past 15 days my task was to send emails to their director named Julia and understanding their business plans in India so that I can help them to grow their business here in India and to help them in penetrating in the market…. Pheww!! :P

Julia scheduled her visit to India on 14th of his month and today she was here in Delhi…. As already decided via emails we met at the airport…. From there we proceeded towards Gurgaon since she wanted to see spaces here in India for setting up their office in Delhi/ncr… We decided to start with Gurgaon…. We had our lunch in Gurgaon itself and as I had already scheduled few appointments for her.. We had most of the things pre-planned….

After having our food we were still left with 40 minutes for our 1st meeting so we decided to enter in some mall again for some shopping…. From there she picked some stuff for her daughter and then we checked out some accessories…. We didn’t realize it was almost an hour and I got a call from the salesperson (for office space) that he was waiting…. So we rushed from there for our meeting…

We reached there and the person supposed to be there sent somebody else to explain and show the space… Guy showing us the space wasn’t that well versed with the services offered…. And it annoyed me… seeing my anger he explained that the other guy will reach in 10-15 minutes... I was bit angry with him but again thinking about my last sales job I controlled myself and explained Julia that the guy must be struck in the traffic or so… And it’s quite normal with the field guys….. We need to wait for sometime….

While waiting…. Julia was lost in her thoughts… And she slowly whispered in my ears… “I think that purse we saw in the mall was really nice can we go back and buy that….” I smiled and said “ya, sure”. After 10 minutes.. the person was there and we finished with our first meeting…. And went back to the same mall and from there she bought that purse and a T-shirt…

Second meeting was in one of my personal favorite places…. Cyber city, gurgaon… And the space was in one of the best buildings… I recommended Julia to consider that as her first option and even she was very impressed with the location…..

We were bit tired by that time…. So we both slept in car while going for the third and the last meeting… Last place was Nehru Place…. We got up… dunno about her but I was dead sleepy…. Office was again good but with fewer facilities….. So we dropped that option….

In between, we talked about their business in Russia and other countries… her culture and favorite stuff… She told me about her husband.. kids… friends…. We discussed about their business plans in India… and growth so far…. It was overall a nice day… I really enjoyed it…..

Tomorrow again I have scheduled few meetings for her…. I guess I should post it and go to sleep… Have to get up early in the morning :-)

So…. Good night Pearl… And Thank You God for being there for me… Love you…. :-)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My second job!

Someone once told me its hard to survive for more than an year in your first job unless you don’t find just any other better option.... Well, I partially agree with the statement... Partially because... yes! Its hard to survive since its a first job so lots and lots of frustration comes your way with every small trouble and you always try to resist it and try to run away.... As far as other options are concerned you can actually find anything better if you are really willing to do it....

Well.... Before coming up with this post I wanted to write about my experience in my 1st job....... but anyways.... I’ll explain it in parts in my upcoming posts.... Its made up of experiences... Good ones and not so good ones.... but... yes... it was a great learning experience... And I’ll always remember it as a 1st stepping stone in the journey of my professional life... And honestly speaking I’ll miss it too... No matter how so ever it was....

Moving on with the post.... today was my 1st day in my second job... It was good... Though it was a day when i was just sitting idle doing nothing... In the 1st half of the day I was talking to the people around... roaming here and there... was talking on phone.... Luckily by second half I got my Laptop.. so finally.. I had atleast something to do.... I am feeling pretty excited about my new profile.. And scared as well :P.... Dunno... How it gonna be and how I gonna perform.... But yes... M positive as always :-)....

I am excited about many things.... And worried about few things.... Have to finish lot many things and start with many new things.... I just hope things will be fine by the end of this month or so.... Dear God... I need your help on a serious note.... Please stand by side.... :-)

For today.... I am ending it here but I'll try to write more often.. It rejuvenates me.... :-)

And God... thank you once again for everything.... and of course.. you know... as always.... what I now want from you... Please please please... :-) Love you.. :D
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