Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Serendipitous Siliguri!

The moment I landed in Bagdogra, the first thought that crossed my mind was
"Someday, I'll come here for my trek"

Siliguri for work was never on my mind to begin with!

Gosh, so much I love new places.. I find myself smiling every time I travel, most of the time, throughout, without any reason and it comes naturally! 

And I try to control it every time I find a curve on my lips, crazy happy kid! :)

My journey began with very weird incidences an evening before my travel, long long story which I would not like to discuss. :P

I landed in Siliguri on Thursday afternoon, in a super hot weather, coming from Delhi, I was wearing a sweater and a jacket and since, a friend told me it's cold in Siliguri, I was carrying a leather jacket too. 

Definition of cold for someone living in Delhi and in love with snow is a bit different. I landed here and was all in sweat instantly, like I was in Chennai.. Ah, my Chennai Love! :P

Soon after check-in, I left for work, my work here was to be a part of an event organized by my company, and just to tell you it was a 'food festival' and people in East are crazy about food. And I was traveling alone from our North office.

This place felt so much like Calcutta but without yellow taxis and Rosogullas, the day ends here by 5pm, you can see dark night sky and bright moon by 5pm.

It was a feeling like what  you feel between Delhi and Chandigarh, Chandigarh is organized though. :P

I met people from my Calcutta team here, luckily, the guy I met on day 1 was a half Delhiite, he lived in Gurgaon for almost 12 years, so we had quite a lot to talk about. From Rice Liquor in Gurgaon to Korean Coffee to the most happening places and the life, THE LIFE IN GURGAON! Crazy! 

Of course, who knows about life in Gurgaon better than me. :P

On day 1, I tried the famous Singada which is known as Samosa, and Puchka, our very own Golgappa in Delhi.

On coming back to our hotel, we tried local food for dinner, another different thing here was, everything you eat is made of refined flour, no wheat flour.. forget instant breads, even rotis, parathas, pooris were made of refined flour. Not trying to act pricey, ate whatever I got quietly. In Delhi, I avoid brown breads too, here I was eating white chapatis! And was loving it, thoroughly! :P

Next day, more people joined us from Calcutta and the group was now a big one. Too many people, too much to listen to.

One more thing I have noticed in Calcutta people is, they are too possessive about their city.

I was having breakfast with someone from the city, must be in his 50s, during a general discussion, I was telling him how similar I find Siliguri and Calcutta, on which he argued as if I said something very disrespectful. I mean, It's my experience and observation, indeed no two cities are same but they tend to resemble. He defended Calcutta by saying there is no other place like Calcutta in India. Ah! Right!  

I like Calcutta, It's slow, calm and relaxed like no other metropolitan. Best of both worlds, life in metro with a peace of small town, absolutely chilled out!

But then I love Bombay, so amazingly fast and happening and safe and what not! 

It was writing about Siliguri and I am roaming in India. :P

I seriously feel my Siliguri trip was Serendipity, I never expected it, nor looking for it but I am really happy it happened. :-) :-)

I enjoyed every bit of it with work, though, it was very hectic but I really cherished it all this while.

December is here and my history of Decembers is crazy, already started with a super exciting and mad one. :P

By the way, I finished few more books and already halfway through my next one, which makes it 8 in November and since my December is here let's see how many more I'll be able to finish! :P

For me December is Devil's month, all my demons are highly active, creating mess in my head and life.  

Dear God, I love you. Please take care of my people and please please help me sailing through December! :* :*

P.S.- Belated Happy Birthday Pearl :)

Sunday, November 5, 2017

In my Head!

Strange things are happening!

I finished my 3rd book this morning. 

Today, I got up at 6am, without any effort. Prepared my coffee and started reading. In between, prepared my breakfast, ate and continued with my book.

Weird thing is, every time I pick a book it somehow answers the question I have in the back of my mind or something I am thinking about at that very moment. Or may be we all know what we need to know, sometimes we need an external influence to realise what's inside our mind.

Like, few days back, before I thought of going back to my resolution of reading, I strongly felt I need a psychiatrist. I was unable to cope up with my head and I was strongly in need of help. At least that's what I felt. For me it's very difficult to talk to people, sometimes I hate being an introvert. And now a days, every Tom Dick and Harry is writing articles about mental health and blah blah. 

One strong reason was my messed up state of mind and other one was coming across these stupid posts on social media every now and then. 

Anyhow, in my opinion, restricting social media usage is somewhat peaceful!

Last Sunday evening, I saw a book store and randomly picked these books and decided to get back to reading. I casually decided to begin with "Veronica Decides to Die" by Paulo Coelho.

To my surprise, that book one by one when talked about madness, I found my answers for which I was seeking help and was feeling restless. I realized I no more need a psychiatrist and it's okay to be in a state where I am right now. Not everyone can feel with the same intensity.

The book left me wondering what just happened and I somehow ended up liking it, for how it answered my random questions.

The similar thing happened after finishing "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho too, it answered questions which were not even there in the first place. As if its some kind of Magic!

I was surprised for what it had done to my head.

When the book (Veronica..) was over, I was lost in my thoughts and I wished I could live a peaceful life in a small town and wrote on my blog about my craving for that slow life.

Right after Veronica.... I picked "The Choice" by Nicholas Spark.

Again, a wonderful thing happened, the story somehow left me feeling different. It was absolutely everything I would love to live. Slow peaceful adventurous life! As if someone gave beautiful words to my imagination. Except for the sadness in later part of the book I loved it thoroughly. It left me feeling happy.

In between all this, I was thinking, now a days I remember all my dreams and lately I have experienced similar dream twice! And somehow these dreams are leaving a strange impact on me. The end meaning is always similar!

Anyway, Friday night, I started reading my 3rd book which was "Sputnik Sweetheart" by Haruki Murakami. I found it dark and deep, not particularly a happy book to read. It was different experience though. Living through those dark thoughts and gloomy emotions!

I don't know why my brain is shouting out so loud. I have just finished Sputnik..., and I am still under it's effect. I might take few days to come out of it. Though I'll start my 4th one tonight. Hopefully!

This Sunday is going to be a busy one, winter is here and I have to look for my woolens, wash my summer wear and pack them back.. and few more chores to catch up with.

Let's see how it will turn out to be.

I don't really know what I just jotted down, cleared my head though. 

Hope to be here soon. 

Dear God, thanks for everything.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Happy Endings! :-)

How far should you go in the name of love?

Woohoo :) :)

I finished my second book, The Choice by Nicholas Spark

And I totally loved this one for so many reasons, one of which is I loved the story. My love for love stories made it easier for me to fall for another one, yet again. 

Story began beautifully, everything absolutely perfect. The kind of life I would love to have, slow and steady in a small and peaceful town. Life full of calm, excitement, happiness, adventure, friendship and most importantly love! Love so unexpected and spontaneous!

I know I am filmy and dramatic, but, I can't stop feeling happy, I started reading this one on this Wednesday evening and since then I was living in awe of it. The story was generic though, may be I was swayed away by the way it was written.

I skipped my walk for it, read it while I traveled for my meetings, waiting for client, sipping my coffee and when I was not reading it I found myself smiling thinking about it. Crazy!

And all this was when I am not even a book-nerd. Though reading is one habit I would sincerely like to cultivate. Something, I admire in people.

But honestly, I am more like looking at the moon, listening to music while I leisurely stroll in the evening kind of person. 

As I was reading this book, I was so anxious about what will happen next with every page I was turning. 

It was a perfectly simple story, and I visualized every situation in my head and I lived through it, experienced it. Ah, it was brilliant. 

Though with every complexity increasing in the end I was wishing for a happy ending with tears in my eyes. I am sure had it been a sad ending it would have affected me, somewhat seriously. Like, I remember watching a Disney movie lately which messed up my head for almost a week and I was unable to get over it, it killed something in me and getting over it was not easy, the name of the movie was "Bridge to Terabithia", it left me in tears and I cried through the night.

So much I hate tragic endings, no words can explain!

I somehow crave for things to turn better in every story I read or watch, as if its my innate need to see everything turning alright. 

Anyhow, I am going to start with my next one, Yayy :)

Dear God, I love you, please take care of my people. Muuuuaah :* :*

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Books & Me!

Reading a good book is like living in awe of it till the time it's over, 
and then, thinking about it for few days with a heavy heart.

My only resolution of 2017 was reading 25 pages every night before going to sleep and as usual I successfully failed at it. 

I have a decent history of failing at keeping my resolutions and somehow, I have accepted it. But anyhow I still try! Stubborn me.

Recent Sunday, I decided to revive my resolution and read at least few books in this year, though, I have finished 3 in 9 monthson Sunday, I bought 5 books and decided to give it a serious try to finish them by this Christmas.

The first one I started was 'Veronica decides to die' by Paulo Coelho which I finished in 2 days, I intentionally started with the thinnest one to regain my faith that I can do it.

And it gave me an assurance that I can think of finishing 4 more in the decided timeline.

I somehow believe deactivating my social accounts is proving to be fruitful. (No, I can't do things in moderation, if want to reduce something, I need an absolute cut-off). 

Lately, I have started carrying my book with me, to meetings, to office and try to read whenever I get a chance, whether I am waiting for a meeting or in my minuscule free time when no one is around, which I find crazily exciting. Much better than scrolling Facebook or Instagram in my free time. And strange thing is I wait to open it and read few pages every time I get a chance. It rules my head all the time and I think about it when I am not reading it.

"Veronica decides to die" was a good read, I didn't expect anything from it though, but still, it was better than what I thought. With every story I read, about every character, I was reassured I am Mad :P 

Though, the addiction thing always happens whenever I start reading a book, but, this time it was more intense. I used to look forward to get a chance to grab it and read. This usually never happens. This time it replaced my morning-evening's YouTube hour, occupied my coffee time, I reduced time I dedicated to other important things. And I loved it. :)

I am feeling good, and now, I am going to start another one. Yayy :)

Dear God, I love you, please take care of my people. No! I don't want anything. Muuaah

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Slow Life.

I want a slow Life in a small town!

So much changes with time, at one point of time, all I wanted was a successful career, money, luxury, comfort, of course, along with my people. Ten years back, my dreams were different from what they are today. My dream house used to be  a lavish one in a metro city with every comfort inside and even the comforts were different from what they are now. And, I have always believed I will earn it. 

And today, the only thing similar from my previous dream is my people, everything else changed. I no more want a huge amount of money or a super career or a luxurious lifestyle or a very big house in a crowded city. All I need is a peace of mind, a slow life in a small city, peaceful evenings with my loved ones and good food on the table. 

I am back to square one, where, I again want a small house on the green hills with a small river flowing around, with everything I need to survive, clean air, clean water, clean food and a fireplace to keep me warm in winters. Less noise, more smiles and no mobiles.

I crave for stress free weekends at home, sipping my coffee in peace, reading a book, cooking in my free time for my people. Sleeping till late, playing a sport, listening to old music, doing something creative with calmness around. Travelling often.

A place away from maddening crowd. 

I don't want a social life where I have 500 friends on Facebook, 300 followers on Instagram and hollowness inside. Wishing festivals to hundreds of people on WhatsApp and not feeling anything! 

I want to be with few people I truly care about.

Aah I was watching 'DDLJ' the other day, what a life it was without mobile phones, when everything was real. Emotions were real, people used to make effort to meet, talk and see each other. So complicated yet so sorted!

Irony is, by default I belong to that Era, I have seen that life and I can compare it. And I know I can't go back there, even when I know it was so much better.

Mobile phones with internet are a curse, I feel I am never free. I am always followed, entangled in chains everywhere. On every damn social media if you are online, you are visible to everybody and you are bound to reply. I hate being rude and ignorant and I don't want to be there. 

Sometimes, I really wish to run away from it. 

Dear God, I won't ask for anything from you! Just take care of my people. And I Love You.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Just Another Day!

I need a dragon to commute in Delhi! (Those who love game of thrones will understand)

I don't remember writing about my day in last 3 years. Wow!

Advantages of driving a big car is you don't feel like driving it most of the time. You think of distance, traffic and the most important thing parking hassles. And then comes in mind the famous-accessible-convenient Delhi metro and if you are going back during traffic time, Ola play saves your day! ;-)

Today was a good day. I love days when my brain is busy. 

I had a meeting in a far away land. Of course! 40 kms one way is far away. I thought of driving first, but then I thought let's explore new metro routes. :P

From my Delhi office this metro station was 1.5 km walk on Google map. I decided to walk, festive gave me so many reasons to walk more. 

Such a college kid feeling it was. I was all ready like I used to be for college, flat sneakers, loose shirt, skinny denims. Woohoo and the adventure started! :-D

Carrying my laptop backpack, I left office. Walked, boarded metro and slept for good 30 mins. Yes, I can sleep anywhere, anytime! :P

Then a long walk till client's office. It was a good meeting.

I had my next meeting in the other corner of Delhi. I left for my office and it was 1 pm already... Ran towards office, ate my food, recharged myself with caffeine and left for the second meeting. 

This time again I preferred public transport, so convenient it is plus I was thinking I can shed down some festive weight this way :P

After my meeting, I took Ola and enjoyed some good Ola play music. Such a relief.

Sometimes I feel, I am living Santiago's life from 'The Alchemist', I saw a dream, decoded it and somehow lost. My current phase seems like the one where he was working with the Crystal Merchant, clueless about anything else in life. :P

My life is adventurous. Some days, I live main protagonist's life from Imtiaz Ali's movie and most of the time I am a Disney princess, talking about having courage and being kind!

Life is good. Life is busy. But I really miss my workout routine and other important things I am missing on to. Whatever it is. Let it be. 

God, If this was what You planned, So be it! 

I don't want anything from you. Nothing. Absolutely Nothing! 

Just take care of my people. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

I am Blessed! :-)

I am not Lucky, I am Blessed.

I have always believed I am God's favorite child and He loves me the most. :-)

I have been through some real tough phases in life where I was almost sure I won't survive, but, not only I survived, I emerged stronger than ever before.

We keep finding these articles written everywhere talking about "supreme power"; "whatever happens, happens for our good"; "there is a light after dark" and so on, but I have practically experienced all this in my life in different phases.

I have so many practical examples of situations where I craved for something, badly wanted it, but God allowed me to cry, scream and shout but kept it away from me, and he always made me realize later how good it was for me and I was being saved from big disasters. At times, I had some serious fights with God but He always replied back.

They say "Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck", and I absolutely believe in this. And not because I read it or heard it, I have experienced it in most crucial situations of my life.

I have faced series of rejections in situations where I was sure to succeed, but there also God was saving me for something very good which obviously I couldn't see.

We humans can't see the future and I specifically get really restless at times. 

I am headstrong and I crave for things very badly, my intensities are very different from normal people and that's one reason I try to keep myself away from basic addictions.

Being strong headed is not only a blessing, its a curse as well. It makes you a difficult human being. If it gives you power to get over what you want, it also makes you equally weak. Strong head makes you prone to addictions and you want what you want, it makes you stubborn, your head rules you and makes you really miserable. Ah not getting into it. May be someday I'll write on pros and cons of being headstrong. :P

Everyone is blessed with certain strengths and weaknesses. My biggest weakness is I am not expressive and I suffer a lot because of this one trait in every sphere of life. 

I am deviating from my topic!

This was about my gratitude towards all good things happening in my life, and for God for loving me so much.

I believe in miracles and have witnessed them in most unexpected situations. And yes, I am waiting for one

I know God you are protecting me from all the bad in life. I feel really lucky at times, though I get depressed when I don't get what I want. You know that I am your little kid who wants everything. :P

God, I know I bother you a lot by asking too many questions, emotionally blackmailing you, crying and fighting, but I know, you know the best for me and you'll take care of everything in my life. Please give me patience to handle things and take care of my people.
Love you, muaah :-))

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Crazy Goa Story!

Before starting the post I would like to tell you something, I would never recommend solo travel to anyone, for it spoils you to the core and gives you such a Godly feeling you'll crave for it every now and then. And it's highly addictive.

It's not that I don't want to travel with people, I am selective and I have always met some amazing people during my journeys. I have my specific people I would love to travel with. 

Goa was always beautiful just that I felt it for the first time. Love at first sight is for real but Goa was my love at third sight.

It all began a few days back, I was craving to travel and was unable to find any good trek. So, instead of compromising with any trek, I decided to pick Goa. 

I booked my hotel and flights online and was all set to leave. I booked a decent property with a private beach and other good amenities, so, I didn't bother much to go into the details of location, for I thought its Goa how remote it can be.

Day 1- Fisherman's Wharf!

The day came, I landed in Goa in evening and checked the location of my hotel. First surprise was Ola or Uber doesn't operate in Goa and second was my hotel, which was 2 hours away from the airport :P 

I was all excited, super fun it was going to be. All thanks to my Goan friend, I managed to reach my hotel at 11.30pm and on his recommendation, we tried a brilliant place for dinner on the way, a place called Fisherman's Wharf, which was absolutely amazing. :)

I don't know from where to begin, from the food to the dessert everything was mind-blowing and a special mention for the music. It was my favorite English classics playing live. Songs that literally gave me goosebumps and I was back in time. The one I can recall was 'I just called to say I love you' by Stevie Wonder. Crazily amazing. My evening couldn't have been any better. :D

After check-in at 11.30pm it was a very long walk till my big mansion like room which was quite scary and too big for a li'l girl like me :P 

I was scared to switch off the lights, but I gathered my courage and slept with an idea on my mind.

Day 2- Goan Bus Journey!

Got up late, skipped my sunrise. Roamed around for 30 minutes looking for my breakfast buffet. On the way I saw Golf course and a way to beach, it was 10am already and my breakfast was till 10.30am but I couldn't resist the temptation of checking out the beach. I ran towards it. Went near the water, sat there for 5 mins then rushed for breakfast. Quickly ate everything I could, followed by yummy desserts and rushed with my coffee to the beach. :P

Aah, I loved my first coffee at the beach! :)

The day had just began. I walked till the shoreline on the beach, sat there for quite sometime. It was a beautiful empty beach. Suddenly, I recalled I am on a marooned beach, 2 hours away from the main city and decided to do something about it.

I called up my online travel portal asking for booking cancellation for next few days for which they told me talk to the hotel reservations and all, finally, I successfully cancelled it and paid almost 70% of booking amount for just 1 day. Anyway, I was free now but the challenge was to move out of that place. 

I got ready, and at the reception I asked reception people how I can commute from there for which they told me I can hire a taxi paying exorbitant amount of money. Pheww!

Luckily, there was one guy at reception counter from Delhi, he asked me to sit for 2 mins, he helped me on how I can move from there easily without spending so much. We talked for some time and I gathered some info about Goa. From his hometown to Delhi to his hotel management to his Goan job and life at this isolated hotel to his conservative family and his happening Goa life, he had a good story to share.  

I finally, left the hotel and reached Goa in a local bus. The drive was beautifully amazing. On the way, I booked another hotel in North Goa. 

On the way to my next hotel I tried local Goan street food and visited Dona Paula which is a famous tourist spot there. In evening, I had my dinner at a famous shack named as Bottle bay at Baga beach. Quite a day it was and I absolutely loved every bit of it! :)

Day 3- Casino Day!

So, this was a day in my new hotel, I got up late and ate my lavish breakfast in huge crowded buffet at 10am. I believe people wait for 10-10.30 when it's about to get over. Anyhow, I managed to eat my food well. 

Post that I came to my room and decided to go out and explore the city, but I realised I have already explored this area last year. So, my mind convinced my heart and they both decided to sleep and chill. In evening around 4 I decided to go out and visit Sinquerim beach and post that I visited casino.

I visited casino with a friend of mine who is settled in Goa, so things were easier for me. I had someone who explained all the games to me and we even won most of the times. We recovered everything we spent for entry and earned some more. Yayy! It was a happy evening.

I loved the feel of it overall.

Day 4- The Art of Chilling!

I got up at 8am and slept at 12 midnight. Rest, I can't recall much. Time truly flies. :P

Day 5- Home Sweet Home!

My last day, I was as usual feeling Goa with more intensity as I was leaving. And by 5.30pm I was back home.

Well, along with a brilliant experience this trip was about certain realizations. I have realized that I am a mountain-person. It's not that I enjoyed beaches less. I loved it too and was super happy all this while but, I belong to the mountains.

Rupin spoilt every atom of my being and after coming back from beaches I am craving for mountains with much higher intensity. Its an unbearable longing.

Right now I am terribly missing these 5 things-

·         Night sky full of stars
·         Silence of mountains
·         Dead cold
·         Softness and purity of snow
·         A feeling of being home!

Aah! I am crazy. I was always a beach person but this change happened unknowingly without any realization and I am craving for mountains now more than ever!

Dear God, I love you. And, I know you'll handle things well in my life. Please give me patience and take care of my people. Muuaah :*

My Goa clicks (camera- Moto X play)-

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