Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Just Another Day!

I need a dragon to commute in Delhi! (Those who love game of thrones will understand)

I don't remember writing about my day in last 3 years. Wow!

Advantages of driving a big car is you don't feel like driving it most of the time. You think of distance, traffic and the most important thing parking hassles. And then comes in mind the famous-accessible-convenient Delhi metro and if you are going back during traffic time, Ola play saves your day! ;-)

Today was a good day. I love days when my brain is busy. 

I had a meeting in a far away land. Of course! 40 kms one way is far away. I thought of driving first, but then I thought let's explore new metro routes. :P

From my Delhi office this metro station was 1.5 km walk on Google map. I decided to walk, festive gave me so many reasons to walk more. 

Such a college kid feeling it was. I was all ready like I used to be for college, flat sneakers, loose shirt, skinny denims. Woohoo and the adventure started! :-D

Carrying my laptop backpack, I left office. Walked, boarded metro and slept for good 30 mins. Yes, I can sleep anywhere, anytime! :P

Then a long walk till client's office. It was a good meeting.

I had my next meeting in the other corner of Delhi. I left for my office and it was 1 pm already... Ran towards office, ate my food, recharged myself with caffeine and left for the second meeting. 

This time again I preferred public transport, so convenient it is plus I was thinking I can shed down some festive weight this way :P

After my meeting, I took Ola and enjoyed some good Ola play music. Such a relief.

Sometimes I feel, I am living Santiago's life from 'The Alchemist', I saw a dream, decoded it and somehow lost. My current phase seems like the one where he was working with the Crystal Merchant, clueless about anything else in life. :P

My life is adventurous. Some days, I live main protagonist's life from Imtiaz Ali's movie and most of the time I am a Disney princess, talking about having courage and being kind!

Life is good. Life is busy. But I really miss my workout routine and other important things I am missing on to. Whatever it is. Let it be. 

God, If this was what You planned, So be it! 

I don't want anything from you. Nothing. Absolutely Nothing! 

Just take care of my people. 

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