Monday, October 2, 2017

I am Blessed! :-)

I am not Lucky, I am Blessed.

I have always believed I am God's favorite child and He loves me the most. :-)

I have been through some real tough phases in life where I was almost sure I won't survive, but, not only I survived, I emerged stronger than ever before.

We keep finding these articles written everywhere talking about "supreme power"; "whatever happens, happens for our good"; "there is a light after dark" and so on, but I have practically experienced all this in my life in different phases.

I have so many practical examples of situations where I craved for something, badly wanted it, but God allowed me to cry, scream and shout but kept it away from me, and he always made me realize later how good it was for me and I was being saved from big disasters. At times, I had some serious fights with God but He always replied back.

They say "Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck", and I absolutely believe in this. And not because I read it or heard it, I have experienced it in most crucial situations of my life.

I have faced series of rejections in situations where I was sure to succeed, but there also God was saving me for something very good which obviously I couldn't see.

We humans can't see the future and I specifically get really restless at times. 

I am headstrong and I crave for things very badly, my intensities are very different from normal people and that's one reason I try to keep myself away from basic addictions.

Being strong headed is not only a blessing, its a curse as well. It makes you a difficult human being. If it gives you power to get over what you want, it also makes you equally weak. Strong head makes you prone to addictions and you want what you want, it makes you stubborn, your head rules you and makes you really miserable. Ah not getting into it. May be someday I'll write on pros and cons of being headstrong. :P

Everyone is blessed with certain strengths and weaknesses. My biggest weakness is I am not expressive and I suffer a lot because of this one trait in every sphere of life. 

I am deviating from my topic!

This was about my gratitude towards all good things happening in my life, and for God for loving me so much.

I believe in miracles and have witnessed them in most unexpected situations. And yes, I am waiting for one

I know God you are protecting me from all the bad in life. I feel really lucky at times, though I get depressed when I don't get what I want. You know that I am your little kid who wants everything. :P

God, I know I bother you a lot by asking too many questions, emotionally blackmailing you, crying and fighting, but I know, you know the best for me and you'll take care of everything in my life. Please give me patience to handle things and take care of my people.
Love you, muaah :-))

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vaibhav said...

You should express by any means, you shouldn't contain it. Miracles do happens so stick to your plan. Spare God sometime let him have time for others too.