Saturday, October 28, 2017

Slow Life.

I want a slow Life in a small town!

So much changes with time, at one point of time, all I wanted was a successful career, money, luxury, comfort, of course, along with my people. Ten years back, my dreams were different from what they are today. My dream house used to be  a lavish one in a metro city with every comfort inside and even the comforts were different from what they are now. And, I have always believed I will earn it. 

And today, the only thing similar from my previous dream is my people, everything else changed. I no more want a huge amount of money or a super career or a luxurious lifestyle or a very big house in a crowded city. All I need is a peace of mind, a slow life in a small city, peaceful evenings with my loved ones and good food on the table. 

I am back to square one, where, I again want a small house on the green hills with a small river flowing around, with everything I need to survive, clean air, clean water, clean food and a fireplace to keep me warm in winters. Less noise, more smiles and no mobiles.

I crave for stress free weekends at home, sipping my coffee in peace, reading a book, cooking in my free time for my people. Sleeping till late, playing a sport, listening to old music, doing something creative with calmness around. Travelling often.

A place away from maddening crowd. 

I don't want a social life where I have 500 friends on Facebook, 300 followers on Instagram and hollowness inside. Wishing festivals to hundreds of people on WhatsApp and not feeling anything! 

I want to be with few people I truly care about.

Aah I was watching 'DDLJ' the other day, what a life it was without mobile phones, when everything was real. Emotions were real, people used to make effort to meet, talk and see each other. So complicated yet so sorted!

Irony is, by default I belong to that Era, I have seen that life and I can compare it. And I know I can't go back there, even when I know it was so much better.

Mobile phones with internet are a curse, I feel I am never free. I am always followed, entangled in chains everywhere. On every damn social media if you are online, you are visible to everybody and you are bound to reply. I hate being rude and ignorant and I don't want to be there. 

Sometimes, I really wish to run away from it. 

Dear God, I won't ask for anything from you! Just take care of my people. And I Love You.


KParthasarathi said...

That was a brilliant and different post.The rich contentment you long for. the craving for peace and harmony and the desire for a leisurely movement of life with loved ones without the rude interruptions of the modern gadgets and their associated applications are attainable with a determined mind.Your description of a medium house in a small town by the side of flowing river amid the verdant fields is very tempting to those who live in concrete jungles.
Thanks for visiting my blog and for the kind words.

KParthasarathi said...

Forgot to answer your question.It is a fiction.

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