Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Oh! So Peaceful!

2016 is gone and it was really a short year for me. It was the most peaceful year for me in last 5 years.

And I am glad to say that I am happy with everything, at least, I don’t have anything to crib about. Although if I’ll try to think I still haven’t achieved so many things, things are not moving as per my plan, still so many travel destinations are pending, Disneyland and Bora Bora are still in my dreams; my crazy Goa plan is still a plan and added few more crazy things in my list pheew... I am way too far from starting my own venture, still not started playing squash regularly or mastered Golf or learned swimming but I am still very proud to say I am content. My mind is at peace and for me that’s more important.

So, in 2016, I have mastered the art of falling asleep within 5 minutes of lying down on bed, keeping myself first and prioritizing my family, being alone and at peace, not having an urge of talking and yes, I have started enjoying my food alone without feeling weird, I think I love food more than random people around. :P

I discovered my immense love for mountains than ever before, I can relate every love song with me and my love for mountains :P

I am somehow feeling freer than ever before.

Honestly, being content has nothing to do with my list of things or plans ahead. I am just poised in my present. And I would love to thank everyone who made this year a fantastic one.

Many good things happened for the first time this year and I would like to share the best ones-

My First experience with snow-

Snowline, Triund

Till 2015, it was just a dream for me to see snow in real and I never thought that the beginning of this year will come with snow for me.
I visited Triund and snowline in the month of January’16 where I saw snow for the first time, the feeling was awesome and I doubt words can ever explain it.
Snow covered mountains are pure bliss and soothe to eyes... Like I had done something really good to deserve this sight...

Chandratal Lake

Chandratal was my dream for last 2 years and every time I was not able to do it for some reason or other. This year I finally got a chance to visit Chandratal. It was again an amazing feeling.. the lake, the trip, the trek and the people I met... everything was just brilliant. I am really thankful for everyone who made this experience so joyful and memorable for me.
It was a blessing for me.

Amazing People-

People play an important role in my life.
I don’t know if it is because of my sun sign which is Libra or what, but, yes, my life is the best when I am around good people.
“Good people” is a subjective term though everyone is good in one or the other way that depends what kind of person we are.
 I am old school. I still believe in things which people don’t care about and it’s difficult for me to find my tribe.
I met amazing people during my travels and realized world is a much better place. I am happy. :)


Travel makes us realise so much about life and diversity in the world, especially trekking.

Trekking taught me that there lies a beautiful life beyond material comfort, you can be at peace while sleeping in camps in wild, survive for days without fone or any internet, drink naturally flowing water from rivers, slide on snow without any gear in your bare clothes, enjoy your own company in nature and a lot more.

And the best one I learnt from mountains and rivers is the times passes no matter what, nothing stops for you, you have to keep moving like a river and stay strong like mountains.. Summer will come, winters will come and so will monsoon... Just stay calm and patient. 

Time is beyond our control but this life is ours. We can make it or destroy it.
Aah, I wish to trek more. :)

Its winters... again.. in Delhi.

When its winters everything is so much better and so much beautiful.

Although, I know I need to travel more and figure out my career plan ahead.

Experiencing a snow fall is still on my priority list. I so wish to escape to Kashmir right now. :P

Thank you God for everything. You know I Love you.. Take care of my people.. Muuah :*

Happy New Year Pearl :)

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