Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Rat in my Car!

I wish I could say I feel like Cinderella who used to feed rats as her pets but it's certainly not a Cinderella feel! :P

I can't say a friend or an enemy but an unwanted guest for sure!

A new drama began the day I realised I am roaming in delhi with a rat in my car. :P

Initially, for 3 days I was wondering what's wrong with my fruits and chapati rolls... I used to pack chapati rolls in foil and fruits as they are and used to keep them in a small jute bag... It's very much easy to eat while I drive throughout the day.

Lately, every time I used to pick anything to eat it used to be half :P

And not even in my weird imagination I ever thought it can be a rat!

The moment of realisation was when one evening I picked a wrap to eat while driving back to home just to realise it's half again... Since I was dead hungry I ate it... Came back home and told mom about this... she looked into my Tiffin bag and said "it's a rat"

Hell broke loose.. not because there was a rat in my car but I was eating rat's half eaten food everyday for past 3 days... I was shocked, I skipped my dinner in trauma... What the hell.. I was sharing my car and food with a RAT... Same evening, I ordered for a rat kill, kept it in car and slept early.

Next morning, I excitedly went to check if the rat is gone or not.. all the rat kill disappeared and I was happy thinking "yayy, he ate it all" :P.. 

Just to ensure if the rat is gone or not, I kept a bread in car and closed it to check if its still there... In 5 mins he ate the bread! Another shock... A Rajnikant Rat, ate all my rat kill and still jumping around happily! :-(

I am someone like Joey (from friends) who never shares his food and I was sharing my food with a smart "South Indian Superstar" version of a small rat!

Now, since I knew... rat is there I refused to drive the car... And it was in mind all the time...

Another challenge was to drive the other car which instead drives me... So, I'll tell you when I drive this other car I need to be super cautious and can't talk or eat or do anything else... Just focus on the drive! Life is being just too adventurous. :P

Every time when I think of this rat trouble... I come up with a stupid idea "what about having a cat in my car to get rid of this rat.. plus this will give me a chance to enjoy the live episode of Tom and Jerry".. Wow! :P

Not so funny!

But, yeah this is really funny and crazy... Anyhow, I feel blessed to have one more option to drive...

Let's hope to get rid of this tiny creature as early as possible.

By the way God, it's December again... My history of Decembers is worth mentioning but may be some other time...

Love you God. Take care of my people. And thank you for everything (except Rat).. :-)) muuaaah

P.S.- Belated Happy 7th Birthday Pearl! 

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