Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Imtiaz Ali!

Well, this is my first ever post dedicated to an individual and that too not my favourite actor or singer or influential people in my life but to my favourite movie director- Imtiaz Ali.

I am a very filmy person and movies leave a great impact on me. This post might be a result of two disastrous movies I watched back to back this Saturday- “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil “and “Shivaay”.

To be very honest, I was super excited for ADHM and okay okay types for Shivaay but after watching them I was in a state of shock.

Every time I watch another disaster on big screen my desperation for Imtiaz’s next movie increases.

No matter what people say about Rockstar or Tamasha they were 2 of the finest Imi’s movies.

I loved Rockstar and still remember that very feel. I was on bed for 3 days... down with fever after watching that movie.

I don’t remember missing any of his movies till date (except Ahista Ahista) and I have always watched all of them on the release date...

I even remember the time in my life when each movie released-

Jab we met was released when I was in my graduation 3rd year, we bunked our classes on Friday and rushed for the movie.

Love Aaj Kal came when I was doing my MBA, again we bunked classes and watched it and this time I had my semester exam on the next day :)

Rockstar was released when I was stuck in a painful job in a start-up company, I still remember how I managed to reach for the movie at 7.30pm... pheww but yes, I watched it on the date of release :)

Highway released when I was working in a bank, I had a pretty good life and great people around. And Alia’s character was something I still relate to...

Tamasha is a recent one, I loved it too... Ranbir’s hidden personality of a traveller was something I can relate so well with and I loved the movie as whole.

Socha na tha is one movie watched much later after the release date but it’s very close to my heart and I watched it more than 15 times, even today whenever I feel low I pick up a Disney movie or “Socha na tha”

Imtiaz’s movies are brilliant and never fail to amaze me... I am waiting for his next one with Srk which is still out of news so far. 

And honestly, I have no interest in talking about ADHM or Shivaay, Lucky are those who didn’t get tickets or believed the reviews... Yes, the reviews are all true. Both movies are disasters.

Dear God, I still love you with all my shocked heart and will always do. Take care of my people. Muuaah :)


Anonymous said...

True.. Imtiaz is the best storyteller.. all movies hit u Nd talk to u...
U missed mentioning Cocktail.. again an imi story...

Thr is a reason he is d highest paid director..

Deepika said...

@Anonymous- I didn't remember cocktail was his story. It was biased story somehow.

Indeed he is the best.

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