Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Rat in my Car!

I wish I could say I feel like Cinderella who used to feed rats as her pets but it's certainly not a Cinderella feel! :P

I can't say a friend or an enemy but an unwanted guest for sure!

A new drama began the day I realised I am roaming in delhi with a rat in my car. :P

Initially, for 3 days I was wondering what's wrong with my fruits and chapati rolls... I used to pack chapati rolls in foil and fruits as they are and used to keep them in a small jute bag... It's very much easy to eat while I drive throughout the day.

Lately, every time I used to pick anything to eat it used to be half :P

And not even in my weird imagination I ever thought it can be a rat!

The moment of realisation was when one evening I picked a wrap to eat while driving back to home just to realise it's half again... Since I was dead hungry I ate it... Came back home and told mom about this... she looked into my Tiffin bag and said "it's a rat"

Hell broke loose.. not because there was a rat in my car but I was eating rat's half eaten food everyday for past 3 days... I was shocked, I skipped my dinner in trauma... What the hell.. I was sharing my car and food with a RAT... Same evening, I ordered for a rat kill, kept it in car and slept early.

Next morning, I excitedly went to check if the rat is gone or not.. all the rat kill disappeared and I was happy thinking "yayy, he ate it all" :P.. 

Just to ensure if the rat is gone or not, I kept a bread in car and closed it to check if its still there... In 5 mins he ate the bread! Another shock... A Rajnikant Rat, ate all my rat kill and still jumping around happily! :-(

I am someone like Joey (from friends) who never shares his food and I was sharing my food with a smart "South Indian Superstar" version of a small rat!

Now, since I knew... rat is there I refused to drive the car... And it was in mind all the time...

Another challenge was to drive the other car which instead drives me... So, I'll tell you when I drive this other car I need to be super cautious and can't talk or eat or do anything else... Just focus on the drive! Life is being just too adventurous. :P

Every time when I think of this rat trouble... I come up with a stupid idea "what about having a cat in my car to get rid of this rat.. plus this will give me a chance to enjoy the live episode of Tom and Jerry".. Wow! :P

Not so funny!

But, yeah this is really funny and crazy... Anyhow, I feel blessed to have one more option to drive...

Let's hope to get rid of this tiny creature as early as possible.

By the way God, it's December again... My history of Decembers is worth mentioning but may be some other time...

Love you God. Take care of my people. And thank you for everything (except Rat).. :-)) muuaaah

P.S.- Belated Happy 7th Birthday Pearl! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Imtiaz Ali!

Well, this is my first ever post dedicated to an individual and that too not my favourite actor or singer or influential people in my life but to my favourite movie director- Imtiaz Ali.

I am a very filmy person and movies leave a great impact on me. This post might be a result of two disastrous movies I watched back to back this Saturday- “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil “and “Shivaay”.

To be very honest, I was super excited for ADHM and okay okay types for Shivaay but after watching them I was in a state of shock.

Every time I watch another disaster on big screen my desperation for Imtiaz’s next movie increases.

No matter what people say about Rockstar or Tamasha they were 2 of the finest Imi’s movies.

I loved Rockstar and still remember that very feel. I was on bed for 3 days... down with fever after watching that movie.

I don’t remember missing any of his movies till date (except Ahista Ahista) and I have always watched all of them on the release date...

I even remember the time in my life when each movie released-

Jab we met was released when I was in my graduation 3rd year, we bunked our classes on Friday and rushed for the movie.

Love Aaj Kal came when I was doing my MBA, again we bunked classes and watched it and this time I had my semester exam on the next day :)

Rockstar was released when I was stuck in a painful job in a start-up company, I still remember how I managed to reach for the movie at 7.30pm... pheww but yes, I watched it on the date of release :)

Highway released when I was working in a bank, I had a pretty good life and great people around. And Alia’s character was something I still relate to...

Tamasha is a recent one, I loved it too... Ranbir’s hidden personality of a traveller was something I can relate so well with and I loved the movie as whole.

Socha na tha is one movie watched much later after the release date but it’s very close to my heart and I watched it more than 15 times, even today whenever I feel low I pick up a Disney movie or “Socha na tha”

Imtiaz’s movies are brilliant and never fail to amaze me... I am waiting for his next one with Srk which is still out of news so far. 

And honestly, I have no interest in talking about ADHM or Shivaay, Lucky are those who didn’t get tickets or believed the reviews... Yes, the reviews are all true. Both movies are disasters.

Dear God, I still love you with all my shocked heart and will always do. Take care of my people. Muuaah :)

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I am scared!

It's killing me and I need to write this.

I am an introvert. And I am very comfortable with the fact.

I rarely express, even if I really want to I can’t, I can’t open up easily... Sometimes, I find it really hard to say a “Hi” forget about initiating a conversation with people on my own... And honestly.. I have tried changing it but I failed miserably.

I have my people with whom I can talk for hours but not with everyone.

Even though I am courageous, strong and blah blah I have fears and they are as deep as my strengths.

I don’t really know if it’s a blessing or a curse to be emotionally vulnerable and feel everything with a very high intensity... Whether I am happy or excited or grateful or sad.... I feel everything intensely... And, I love these feelings till the time they are positive but when negativity rules... God save the world!

My biggest fear is – “People I have feelings for destructing themselves“

I have very few close friends and I deeply feel for them, they are like my family and I can’t see them in pain... We have been together through very bad times and I am really proud of it. They believed in me when I gave up on myself!

But, being vulnerable is a curse and is badly bothering me because I develop feelings for people who are not even my friends but are good at heart and I can’t see them in destructive phase... I am stupid I know... I shouldn’t be thinking about it at all, but, yes, I am really stupid and I can’t stop thinking...

I am scared of liars and manipulative people and from my experience I have learned I can’t deal with them, so, now, I don’t think over it. Whenever I realize someone is just talking negative about other people or lying or being manipulative I simply cut myself and stop talking to and about that person. May be that’s my defense mechanism.

I am highly anxious right now and something is killing me deeply... each day... every moment and I can’t talk about it... 

God, please please make it a bad dream... I really need to wake up from this.. Please help me.. I promise I will be a good girl :(

Please God, show me the way out... And please take care of my people... Love you.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Heart vs Brain- On midnight Snacking!

Now a days it's happening more frequently.. On almost everything there is a conflict going on between my stupid heart and stubborn brain... today.. it's on midnight snacking...


Heart- I am hungry!

Brain- Go, eat paneer.

Heart- I wanna have something unhealthy and delicious.. you know something like butter popcorn or creamy cheesy pasta or crunchy buttery cornflakes :D

Brain- shut up! It's 11pm.. it's not the right time.. have warm water.. and go to sleep.. .

Heart- dude, I could have asked for pina colada or beer or LIT... I am just asking for snacks.. that too light ones.

Brain- huh!

Heart- and I always consider your opinions.

Brain- As if you listen to me!

Heart- Whatever!

Brain- Go. Eat. Brush. Sleep. And don't irritate me. You have to get up early.

Heart- you are a sweetheart ;-)

And this is how I ended up stuffing myself with snacks... :P

Brain is so right sometimes. :P

Good night God... Muaah.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Chandratal- A dream come true!

"XYZ- Hey, what happened to you? You are all red & black!
Me(with a big grin)- I am tanned, sun bitten... because sun-kissed is an understatement ;-)"

...And one morning when I got up... Everything was different!

Yes, since the day I am back from Chandratal everything is different ... All of a sudden I can feel every emotion with the same intensity again... I can connect with myself and I am head over heels in love with everything... It's all magical... :D

Yes, I was in mountains again, this time I lived my dream of visiting Chandratal lake, Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh.

2016 is coming up with surprises... this was the 3rd place in a row I visited after planning for so long... first two were Triund & Goa... although my idea of Goa is still unfulfilled... so, I will visit again very soon (fingers crossed) :-))

Coming back to my recent trek- Hampta pass & Chandratal..

In two words it was “exceptionally beautiful”... it was a 5 day trek where we walked for about 40 kms in 4 days... We were in a group of 32 amazing people from all across the country... And it was an awesome experience as whole.

Coming up with my experience daywise-

Day 1- Jobra to chika (4 kms)

I reached Manali by Volvo around 10am where the entire group from all across India gathered and we together started our journey. All excited :)

We reached Jobra, starting point of our trek, had our lunch and started walking.

After walking for almost 3-4KMS we reached our campsite for day 1... It was truly beautiful and serene... Afterwards it was a relaxing day... we had food, interacted, enjoyed bon-fire and slept...

Our phones were not working there so everybody was socialising real-time and that was the best part :)

Day 2- Chika to balu ka gera (10kms approx)

Second day was a bit tiring but manageable, we started our trek around 7.30 am and were walking till 4pm... In between we crossed 2 rivers with ice cold water and had our lunch in a serene place...

Balu ka gera was our campsite for that day and was my personal favourite in the entire trek..

It was a different world for me.

As a kid, I used to dream of having a small house in woods near a flowing river and green mountains around.... Balu ka gera was the place straight out of my dreams, in fact, it was more beautiful than I could ever think of.

In evening, we practiced snow walk and snow sliding and prepared ourselves for the next day which was the most difficult one... we were all super excited... :D

Day 3- balu ka gera to Shea goru via hampta pass (15KMS approx)

It was the day when we had to cross the pass and had to walk for almost 8-9 hours...

We walked on rocky mountains, snow covered mountains, green areas and crossed the most mesmerizing views and refreshing water springs on the way...

We all crossed hampta pass by 2pm... the landscapes of Spiti valley were brilliant and we camped there.

Day 4- Shea goru to Chatru(9-10  kms) to Chandratal lake

It was comparatively an easy day... We quickly finished trekking and reached a dhaba where beer was served... It was like a heaven for beer lovers... Beautiful Spiti mountains and chilled beer, pure bliss...

We took cabs from there and proceeded for the dream destination "Chandratal"...

For me, it was the most beautiful drive ever... After almost 5-6 hours we reached chandratal... We got down of the cab and I literally started running towards the lake... Like a small kid running towards her favourite dessert :P

The first sight of the lake was deadly and hard to believe... And in a fraction of second my dream turned into my love at first sight... It was more beautiful than any picture could ever capture... I still remember the feel of the first sight of it... I rushed towards it and dipped my feet into the ice cold water... The only one sitting in the water for almost 20 minutes... :P

We camped 2 kms away from chandratal and it was our last night there... In just 4 days the strangers were not strangers anymore and it was like a big big family... :-)

We had our dinner.. Played random group games and slept....

Day 5- Back to Manali and departure
We all came back to Manali and left for our respective destinations... :(

It was not a good feeling at all.... The moment my bus started for Delhi, I started missing my trip.. 

Every time I finish a trek, it changes something in me and takes up a special place in my heart... I loved it so much... It was an experience I can never forget... The place, the people, the feel and the most beautiful Chandratal...

Thank You God, once again for everything... I love you so so so so much... Muuuaaah :)))

Please take care of my people, always... :-)

Some pictures from my cam-












Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I miss my people! :-(

My thoughts are looking for words which I am unable to gather.

I am happy still I feel something is terribly wrong.. may be I need to do certain things... may be I need to leave everything and run away to a far away land and hibernate.

I feel lucky to have whatever I have... my people.. my family... a job to earn money to travel.... but.. still I feel my life is not going in a direction I want it to be...

I don't know what's different.. life was like this 5 years back too but still everything is different..  I am back to square one from where I started but I terribly miss certain people in my life..

I know I am god's favorite girl and whatever happens in my life is for my good..  but it's killing me... I wish I could have certain people back...

For me.. I feel everything feels alright when I am with my loved ones... no matter difficult life is... I carry on without regrets.. and in all this sometimes I go helpless.. no matter how strong I pretend to be.

I do have my family and friends but... then... I miss certain people from past... I miss the girl I used to be with them... totally stupid, immature, childish.. and still loved..

When I had a bad job and tough time.. it never looked difficult... and today I have a good job... happy life and it all looks incomplete...

I hate writing things which are not happy... and worst thing today is I find it very difficult to even write anything...

There are days when I feel happy.. genuinely happy but I can't express it to anybody.. or sad for that matter... I force myself to sleep.. but I can't write...

Some days.. I just go blank and depressed for no good reason... I keep asking myself what's wrong with me! And I don't get an answer.

Once I prayed to be numb and emotionless... God gifted me that too and today that numbness is killing me because it's not me... :-(

I feel it's not just my people I miss but I miss myself too..  may be I can't be what I was with them with anyone else...

Something died in me over all these years and I am not liking it anymore...

God, please give my people back... life looks so impossible and hollow without them... enough it is... I know I am stupid and idiot but I promise I'll try my best to improve...

Please... :-(

P.S.- please don't leave any comments on this.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Jungle Book!

Happiness is watching your favorite childhood characters on "Big Screen" :-)

It was Friday evening.. 5.00 pm... Sitting in office I was craving to watch "The Jungle book"...

I know I can once again say "agar kisi cheez ko poori shiddat se chaaho toh poori kayanat usey tumse milane ki saazish mein lag jaati hai" and once again I experienced it :-))

This was the same excitement I used to have when I was a small kid... I was dying to watch it... :-)

Luckily we got tickets and yayyyy I was going to watch a 7.40pm show... Super Duper excited I quickly finished my work..

It was my Navratri fast and all of a sudden I wasn't hungry any more...

I left office... Called mom and told her I'll eat after the movie... And quickly rushed to the movie hall...
It started and every bit of it was just superb... I cherished my childhood days..

Movies are one of those very few things I can feel by all my heart.. And I truly loved it.

Somehow Disney movies manage to cheer me up every time and it's like a treat for my heart and soul. I feel so much more alive :-)

And just when I start feeling "feeling less" something like this happens to remind me I am still the same stupid girl... And I know I'll be Mowgli for few days now.... :D

I am waiting for "Fan" now... 

Monday is near and I should try sleeping... Sunday nights are the most terrible ones!

Good night pearl... Love you God.. Take care of my people... :)

Monday, February 29, 2016

Where there is a WILL!

My mom always say "where there is a will there is a way"...

My upbringing was very different than other kids... I was really naughty as a child and my parents never tried to tame me... I was left on my own to make decisions since I was a small kid... I was never forced to study while other kids were compelled by their families to score well.. My parents always told me the relevance of things and left it on me to decide whether I want it or not... I was always allowed to play outside, climb on trees, watch TV and do whatever I wanted to do...

And trust me the result was amazing... I always used to score well and most of the times used to top in my class plus I was independent from the very beginning... I was always involved in sports, extra curricular and later on in students' union..

I was independent, rebellious and responsible. I made rules for myself and had no limits. For I knew I can do everything I ever I wanted to.

I sincerely believe we should have one person apart from our family whom we can trust blindly... Someone who can advice us from a broader perspective of the world outside.

Once my super boss who is like a Godfather to me shared something from his work experience... He said "I joined this organisation as a customer care executive 12 years back... I worked day and night to build this.... In the course of my journey, I met many people who were better than me in terms of skill-set, communication, contacts, experience and many other things... But, I outgrown them for just one reason.. I had a will to grow which was stronger than anyone else and I never gave up.. So, if you are willing to grow nothing can stop you!" and today he is heading North India for the organisation.

Although there are many things I get inspired from.. This is something I always keep in my mind.. If your will to do something is strong enough and you work hard for it... You'll eventually get it.

Yes, there are outside factors.. and they might not support you but these all are just supporting elements... Faith is the biggest thing.

I'll share an example, in school I was always a language topper and my English & Hindi teachers always admired my command over language plus the ability to put my mind forward... It encouraged me to deliver my best... But, in class 9th's final exam my English paper was checked by some teacher who had certain grudges against me and had her own pets in class. I scored just passing marks after doing my best and I stood 2nd in class.. I lost my rank by 3 marks... And the difference in my marks in English with the topper was of 40..

I cried, felt shattered.. did everything I could.. Being rebellious makes you a fighter without any fear plus I always knew my family never stopped me from doing what was right..

Well, nothing happened. I stopped everything... I focused again on my studies... Worked hard and I topped my school in all languages in board exams. I was called on stage and given a medal for the same. In front of all the students and the teachers. And that was my answer.

So, people might misuse their power to pull you down at times but there is a power above all of us... That power knows us and if we are good at heart... Honest in our efforts.. No one can stop us from growing.. If not one place... May be some other...

I strongly believe.. Will makes things easier & faith makes them possible.. So, be kind... Work hard, decide it and do it...

There is a quote in Hindi too- "Nishchaye kar apni jeet karo"

I really wish to write more on this.. But, I am getting late for work... :D

So, go rise & shine.

Thank you God for everything... Take care of my people.. Love you :-))

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Love at First Sight- Snowline!





I strongly believe in love whether its family or friends or lover or animals or life or any other form.

And love at first sight is something I learnt from travel... Every time I step on to a new land I fell in love at the first feel of it... I love every sunrise and sunset in a new place... Star gazing... the air, the feel and every damn thing... And just to be a part of it is an unmatchable feeling... I discover a different me every time I travel... And that’s why I love it to the core.

My 2016 came with new surprises; I always wanted to see snow... And my first trip of this New Year fulfilled my 2 dreams- My experience with Snow and Triund trek.

Triund trek was something I was planning since 2014 and somehow I was not able to go... one or the other reason. So, I decided to go solo... I searched a group online going for the same and joined them.

And the adventure began....

It was 3 day Snow-trek to Triund & Snowline. Triund is a place above Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh and Snowline is 4 kms above Triund.

I met 15 strangers during my trek... They were from Mumbai & Pune... And we started our journey.

The temperature was -6 degrees and was dead cold. The only life saviour was fire but we had no wood to burn on day 1 so we just played antakshari... Not even for a second I felt I was meeting these people for the first time... May be travel makes me feel at home and everyone I meet like a family... :-)

Night 1 was deadly without fire... we were all freezing...

Next morning we had to trek to Snowline to meet ‘the snow’ :), I was super excited as this was going to be my first experience with snow... and what a sight... :) I was totally mesmerised... I didn’t realise I was sitting alone for quite some time... Totally hypnotised...

We came back by lunch time and had awesome vegetable pulao... couldn’t be any better!

As the evening was approaching we were all scared of the cold night... In the evening we again went for a short trek to the other side of the mountain and enjoyed the sunset... by the time we came back it was almost dark... We enjoyed star gazing and started bon-fire... Aah great relief... We started fire at 7pm... And refused to get up at all... had dinner by the fire, talked about different things, discussed game of thrones, Sherlock, suits and every thing... played antakshri... By 11 fire was almost over... we were still sitting there trying to manage some heat from the left over.... We managed till 1.30am... Night was good till then :P

Temperature was too low... we all decided to sleep... The tents were frozen, the dew on the surface turned into ice... deadly it was... I somehow managed to slip inside my sleeping bag and tried sleeping....

We all never loved sunrise so much, as sun was the only relief in the cold weather...

Once again the night was over and sunshine was all around... We quickly ate breakfast and came back to Mcleodganj.

Since, it was our last day, we had to explore the cafes, markets and the most talked about Bhagsu falls and Shiva Cafe..

I quickly grabbed my Espresso & lemon ginger honey, changed and left for Shiva Cafe in between I managed to shop some woollen socks and cap... It was again a short trek of around 2 kms...  But it was all worth it. The place was heavenly and the view was beautiful... We ate maggi there... Generally people go there to smoke up and get high... That’s one reason you won’t find many girls up there.

The day was coming to an end and we had to leave. We quickly came back packed stuff... on the way we grabbed pastries , bhelpuri, golgappe, gulabjamun, spinach momos and everything else :P

It was already 7.30pm and our bus was at 7.50pm.. We rushed and managed to reach on time...

Next sunrise was in Delhi, and after coming back I caught tonsillitis... Which is now getting severe than ever.. And might have to get operated (as per the doc) :P

Too much fun and now too much pain... Let’s see ;-)

But, I wanted to jot it down before getting admitted.. By the way, I am already planning my next venture... Will update soon...

Love you God, Take care of my people... muuuaaah  :* :)))

Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Date with Delhi!

Yesterday, I spent my day roaming around in Delhi, covering it from south to north and loved it. :)

This thought was in my mind from the day I came back from Mumbai... while sitting in my Mumbai to Delhi flight somewhere it clicked my mind its being a long time since I visited my Delhi with all my heart...

Though I am in sales and I roam around in Delhi all the time but visiting places specifically for the sake of travel is a different feel.

I gathered all the info online and came to know about “HoHo bus”, it’s a Delhi Darshan Bus which takes you around Delhi.

I boarded the bus in morning from Connaught place and started my journey.

There was a commentary running in the background about places we were passing through... I wondered how come I never noticed so many places... though, I cross them quite often.

It was an amazing feel to roam around without any official purpose.. I loved every moment of it.
I stopped at Lal Quila and decided to have my lunch at Chandni Chowk “the foodie’s paradise”.
Since, it was a Saturday... It was dead crowded but I somehow managed to eat whatever I wanted..
My last stop was CP, from where the journey started...

In evening, visited the church in CP and it was the best part of my day... sitting in calm peaceful church on a winter eve... Purely Blissful. :)

The Bus covered almost 20 places in Delhi and it was our choice to get down at whichever place we were interested in exploring.

I loved my day thoroughly... And now I am planning my next trip... Let’s see where I am gonna land this time.. 

I love you God, and it was a great conversation I had with you yesterday... Take care of my people... Muuuaah 
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